We take this opportunity to welcome you to Luxe Lashes by Angel, one of the leading eyelash salon in Perth, Australia. This privacy policy covers how we obtain, protect, disclose, and use information collected from our website visitors. 

In summary, this document outlines how Luxe Lashes by Angel collects and uses your information. It  also specifies your rights and approval of information collected from you. 

What Information Is Collected by Luxe Lashes?

1. Information provided by the client directly

This involves details collected from you, such as:

 Name/Username
 Phone number
 Email address
 First and last names

This information is obtained when booking for a lash session, shopping for our products, or when communicating with us through email. We use these details to distinguish one client from another. It’s for the sole purpose of communication and knowing the person we are serving.

2. Information collected from third parties

This is information collected from third-party platforms; for instance, when you like our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page. We can only access this information when you have permitted us. In case there are some details you don’t want to disclose, please review your privacy settings on your social media account. Adjust the details you don’t want to disclose to third- party websites according to your preferences.

3. Information we collect automatically

Luxe Lashes by Angel uses third-party analytics to understand the traffic to our websites. This data helps us to understand our website visitors, their demographics, and other aspects. Such information is useful to us in helping us understand our target audience. Some of the information we collect automatically include the pages you visit and log file information.

4. Information on cookies and other similar technologies

Cookies are small text files that contain a series of alphanumeric characters. When you visit the Luxe Lashes by Angel website, we will send cookies to your computer to identify your browser. The cookies also improve browsing speeds and help you to navigate through our website more easily.
You can configure your browser’s settings to either block or accept cookies. Cookies allow us to know the pages you are interested in, the links you click, and other usages. This information helps us to better our services.

5. Location data

You can opt to share your location when you visit our site or remain anonymous. Location data helps us to understand how you use our service to enable us to localize our content.

6. Log file information

When you visit our website, your mobile device or browser automatically reports the details to our servers. This includes information such as IP address, web request, viewed pages, URLs, the type of browser you are using, and the number of clicks you make.

How We Share Your Information

Luxe Lashes by Angel does not share your information with other parties without your consent. We can only share your information for legitimate interests that aid in fulfilling our services to you. For instance, when you are booking our services, you might need to provide information to our payment gateways.

Some of the third-parties we might share your information with include partners who help with:

 Email services
 Billing and payments
 Website hosting
 Transportation and delivery of Luxe Lashes by Angel digital products
 Customer support
 Website analytics

How We Safeguard Your Information

Our number one priority is to keep your information discrete and private. Luxe Lashes by Angel has put in cyber security measures to preserve the integrity of your data.

Please remember, you are also responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your information such as passwords and payment details.
You have the right to decide the type of information you share with us. You also have a huge part to play in safeguarding your information as we do our best to keep your details discrete.

By using this site or purchasing Luxe Lashes by Angel digital products & services, you agree
to the following terms and conditions.

Signing up to gives the site permission to add your contact to  their records as one of their customers. This means that Luxe Lashes by Angel can send you message updates regarding orders, shipping, invoices as well as product  descriptions and ratings. 

You can limit correspondence to your contact through one of these options:

 If you had previously agreed to use your contact information to receive  promotional messages, you can opt-out by contacting customer care or selecting the unsubscribe option. 

 If you are on this website for the first time, choose the box that states that you do  not want your contact to be used as a recipient or marketing messages. 

Luxe Lashes by Angel reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any  time. 

All prices on this website/funnel are stated in US Dollars and are GST exclusive.  The prices shown are the current prices at the time of you placing your order. 

Luxe Lashes by Angel products are only available on offer packages. No  products are sold on retail. A one-time sample may be offered with its corresponding price. If the customer decides to purchase the product, it will be considered sold. 
You can subscribe on this website/funnel to get all the new price packages, special offers, new  product releases
Luxe Lashes by Angel will not accept responsibility for misuse or incorrect selection of  any digital products. 

By using a promo code, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. All promotional codes can only be used once and within a specified timeframe  when the offer stands. 

2. Promo code must be used once and in entirety for a single purchase.

3. Where one or more items must be purchased to receive a discount on a second  item, the discount will be offered for the lesser valued piece or the equal. 

4. Promotions exclude shipping fees and credits for gift cards.

5. Luxe lashes by Angel reserves right to terminate any promotions without  notice. 

6. In case a product has to be returned or exchanged, and a promotional code  (which has now expired) had been applied, the code cannot be used for the replacement. A refund will be applied. 

7. Promotions are only valid while its last. 

8. Luxe lashes by Angel is not responsible for incorrect entry of Promo Codes,  which may result in incorrect charges or inaccurate items ordered. 

Luxe Lashes by Angel provide you the refund with no questions ask! Just send us an email and say "this is not for me" and we will refund your money 100% guaranteed. The customer has the right to choose between exchange with another good or a refund. The original receipt will be used as proof of purchase.
Receipt of the order confirmation is not proof of Luxe Lashes by Angel’s acceptance to  sell the product. The company reserves the right to accept or decline the order, even if the order confirmation has been sent. 

Luxe Lashes by Angel has the right to supply less the ordered quantity without notice.  The payment will be adjusted accordingly. Before accepting any order, Luxe Lashes by Angel may ask for additional information  and verification.  Order cancellation can only be made before products have been shipped. If you wish to cancel an order, Luxe Lashes by Angel will offer a refund through the method the payment was received. If the order has already been dispatched, a cancellation fee will be sent. Cancellation fee is equal to the cost of shipping to and from the order 

Payments can be made through Credit Card or Stripe.
Credit Card payment options include MasterCard and Visa. A pre-authorization check  will be conducted to ensure there are sufficient funds in the account and that the funds are accessible. 

Details for Stripe will be provided in the Checkout Process. You will also receive  an email on the confirmation order that will contain the details. Use your order as the reference when making the payment. Sending of digital products will only be done when the payment has been received. 

You are responsible for following up on the order once it has been released. Please  inform Luxe Lashes by Angel if there are any questions within 48 hours. The orders will be delivered to the correct email address on order. Luxe Lashes by Angel is not responsible for delivery to an incorrect email address. 

Digital Products should be used as per guidelines. Luxe Lashes by Angel is  not liable for any misuse. 

This terms and conditions document is governed and enforced according to the  Australian Law.
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